------------ FCE CONSULT ------------ Fibre Concrete Engineering

Global Consulting for an efficient use of fibre reinforced concretes in tunnelling applications 

FCE provides a full scale of support for all applications of fibre reinforcement in tunnel constructions –                                                                                      

from      first support in NATM - shotcrete applications                                  till          fire protection in final linings / tübbings in                   conventional or TBM driven excavations.

The basis of our support is our substantial experience in all questions of fibre production and fibre application :

  • in concrete technology:      design, strength, deformation behaviour
  • in batching and mixing :     dispersing, dosing, mixing;
  • in conveying :                    pneumatic / hydraulic transport
  • test and control : acc. DIN EN ; SIA ; BS; ÖVBB , ASTM

    We gained our Know How for an efficient application as manufacturer  and supplier of fibres to numerous european jobsides –
  • in sprayed concrete tunnels : Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Great Britain, Finnland, France, Italy
  • in TBM driven tunnels : Channel Tunnel, CTRL 320, Heating Tunnel Copenhagen, Vigier Tunnel, M 30 Madrid, City Tunnel Malmö, UTE Siete AGUA, Liefekenshoek Tunnel, North/South Boring Amsterdam, etc.

    Our experiences include :

    the consulting : fibre  - type, - geometry , - dosing,
    the execution : manufacturing, logistic, equipment, design
    the procurement : middle european manufacturers
    the implementation: batching, mixing, handlind systems
    quality control : from dosing to physical properties

    in procurement we are working together with different European manufacturers, for example :

    STRATEC – Strahl- und Fasertechnik GmbH
    Steel fibres for :
    shotcrete /in situ linings / tübbing elements/
    precast elements / UHPC – concrete

    baumhueter extrusion GmbH
    Poleolefine fibres:
    for the reduction of early plastic shrinkage cracking
    HPR – heat prompt reaction fibres for fire protection